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Introducing ResiRatings, The First Independent Rating of Retirement Villages by Residents.

Five key benefits/five stars

Market research has identified the five key benefits of retirement villages that prospective residents seek and village residents’ value. They are:

1 Social engagement
2 Physical security
3 Mental wellbeing
4 Operations performance
5 Financial management

AOR (Australian Online Research) designed questions for residents to rate the delivery of these metrics to create a star rating for each out of five.
The average of the five ratings creates the ResiRating (e.g. 3.5 stars out of 5)

It was felt it is important to also measure the ‘satisfaction’ of residents. A village may be older and offer fewer facilities, but the residents may have high satisfaction with their quality of life.
The average scores across the sector was 3.6 stars and satisfaction of 81/100. The Lions Village Torquay rating of 5 stars, with a satisfaction rating of 94/100, makes it one of the most highly rated retirement villages in Australia.

Lions Village Torquay Inc. is a not-for-profit project initiated by the Lions Club of Torquay Inc.lionlogo_2c