A Great Place to Be
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Why do People Choose to Live at Lions Village Torquay?

• Quiet neighbourhood
• Friendly neighbours
• Close to the centre of Torquay
• Near the library and recreation centre
• Low monthly service fee
• Affordable units
• Units have good facilities, with two bedrooms and two toilets
• Opportunity to have individualised gardens
• Not-for-profit Committee tries hard to make life comfortable for residents
• Residents don’t need to pay for maintenance of unit or fixed appliances such as hot water service
• Friendly, helpful staff
• Regular maintenance of appliances such as heaters, air conditioners
• Village units are very secure, so residents can take extended holidays without worrying about their home
• Low entry cost means that residents can free up capital to do other things such as travel overseas
• Units are designed for older people, so residents can stay in their own home even if they become older and frail eg. No stairs.

Lions Village Torquay Inc. is a not-for-profit project initiated by the Lions Club of Torquay Inc.lionlogo_2c